New L-M Yard Saw Model 200 MP-7

                        One New L-M Yard Saw Model 200 MP-7. This portable package saw has a 20HP gas motor and a seven (7) foot double ended saw bar and chain. The saw bar pivots on a cast steel. “TUFFEE” mandrel and uses a spring loaded take up. The saw bar is guarded by an aluminum outrigger arm which helps hold the saw in position during cutting cycle. The saw is assembled on a side shifting base with 3” of lateral travel to accurately position the cut. The 200 MP-7 uses a 20HP Honda “V-Twin” gas engine to power the saw an doves on a 12” pneumatic wheels. The engine has an electric starter with an on-board battery and charging system. This sturdy machine weighs 1100 lbs. Shipping size: 56" wide 48" tall 95" long weight 1600lb Maximum package size is 48” X 52” at 10” off the ground. See literature PDF on our website, the photos on our website are of a used machine that has been sold, we are offering a new L-M Yard Saw Model 200 MP-7 on our web site. Inventory No. M-165. For brochure click on View PDF View PDF

                        Additional information contact:
                        Kathy Monks
                        MACHINERY SALES CO., INC.
                        USA Toll Free line: 866-292-6222
                        Or direct line: 360-379-6675
                        Fax: 360-379-6794
                        New L-M Yard Saw Model 200 MP-7

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