New Blue Babe Yard Saw

                        One New Blue Babe Yard Saw consisting of; fabricated steel frame with 10-HP electric drive motor, 3 phase 230/460 volts. Frame furnished with three package alignment bumpers for short end trims, 16" semi-pneumatic tires, no air required. Automatic oiler. 7' double end reversible saw bar with standard .404 pitch chain, cast aluminum take-up with steel T key for bar slot. Operator’s aluminum guide bar that follows the bar all the way through the cut for accuracy. UL approved motor starter wired for NEMA standards, complete unit. Package capacity 48” x 52” wide. See photo of on our web site. Inventory No. M-139 For brochure click on View PDF View PDF

                        Additional information contact:
                        Kathy Monks
                        MACHINERY SALES CO., INC.
                        USA Toll Free line: 866-292-6222
                        Or direct line: 360-379-6675
                        Fax: 360-379-6794
                        Email: [email protected]
                        New Blue Babe Yard Saw

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