Northtech Model FR-200 Frame Saw

                        One (1) Used Northtech Model FR-200 Frame Saw is arranged with the following features and specifications:

                        Saw capacity of 6" width x 8" vertical 
                        capacity.  Minimum working 2” high X 12” 
                        long.  Main drive motor to saw frame is 
                        30HP 3PH, wired 460 V servo drive system 
                        to feed works is 1/4HP 3PH, blower to 
                        saw frame rack for added cleaning value 
                        is 3HP 3PH, body of frame saw is (2) 
                        sections allowing for fast access to 
                        the saw frame, saw blade speed is
                        fixed at 550RPM, dust extraction 
                        requires min 3000 CFM and is arranged 
                        with (4) 5" ports, blade size is standard 
                        with 500mm L x 40mm W x 0.9mm body in 
                        stellite or TCT tip, digital electronic 
                        oiling system provides proper lubrication 
                        to the saw frame guides and vertical rail 
                        system which allows optimum cooling and 
                        long term durability, (4) guide blocks 
                        are thermo- censored to allow auto shut-off 
                        of machine should possible heat buildup 
                        occur. Machine dimensions 122” L X 40” WX, 
                        79” H weight 7100 lbs.  Machine was new 
                        in 2007. S/N FR-350-33. Appears to be 
                        in good condition.  See photos of 
                        Northtech Model FR-200 Frame Saw 
                        on our web site. Inventory No. 12183.  
                        Located at our Portland, Oregon facility.
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                        Additional information contact:
                        Kathy Monks
                        MACHINERY SALES CO., INC.
                        USA Toll Free line: 866-292-6222
                        Or direct line: 360-379-6675
                        Fax: 360-379-6794
                        Email: [email protected]
                        Northtech Model FR-200 Frame Saw

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