42" Wide X 132 Ft. Long Chain Conveyor

                        42" Wide X 132 Ft. Long Chain Conveyor. Originally used as a conveyor to transport poles in a treating plant. Inside of trough is 13" wide at the bottom, 42" wide at the top and 10" deep. A heavy duty 2.5" pitch rollerchain was installed under a false bottom. A pusher assembly extended above the bottom. Poles/logs were pushed forward and then the assembly retracted for the next pole/log. Both end sprockets are included but the drive is not. Four pieces, 44'5", 8', 40'2" and 40'3". Vertical support about every 8 ft. See photos of 42" Wide X 132 Ft. Long Chain Conveyor on our web site. Inventory No. 11389. Located at our Portland, Oregon facility.


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